The Complete Guide to Dating and Seduction in 2015

This website is essentially a linear guide to attraction and dating for men. It is broken down into 3 sections, Attraction, Comfort Building and Seduction. Additionally this site includes extra bonus material that compliments the core guide. This bonus material contains advanced subjects and information not included in the core guide. It is highly recommended that you start with the core guide and then expand your skills by reading all of the bonus material as you progress.

To get started, begin with an overview of the core guide: The 9 Phases of Dating and Relationships

Or if you want to jump right in, you can start with Attraction Phase 1 – Opening / Introductions and Approaching

You may also want to look over the collection of bonus techniques and guides which will bring your skills to a whole new level.

  • A Complete Guide to Micro-Compliance and Compliance
  • Create, Embrace and Attract Through Your “Vision”
  • Shaping Women for More Fulfilling Relationships
  • 17 Real Life Field Reports

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